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As IsJust as there can be two sides to every story, or more than one way to skin a cat, Homes Radio is both a radio show and a TV show.  In a manner of speaking they complete one another.  The images you see in the carousel above and in this column are the TV shows appearing on area cable access channels and Youtube.  Each is different, informative, and entertaining.  Some are about real estate and others are about everyday life.  Try us.  We're sure you will like us and tell your friends about us.

The other side to this story is the weekly radio show we also do also called 'Homes Radio.' every Monday at 1p.m., we're live on 'Radio Fairfax'.  Check us out on the web at Radio Fairfax, or on

Properly Managing Property Management

Here, James looks back on his take of the Robert Frost poem, The Road Not Taken in relation to (1) hiring a Home Improvement Contractor, and secondly, to Property Management and landlords-tenants situations.  Apples and oranges?  Maybe so... Maybe no.

In The Road, Frost spoke figuratively of not only encountering a fork in a road, but also making a decision as to which road he took.  James waxes poetically in showing how he and Ernestine made critical and timely decsions based on experience, advice, and common sense.  Decisions you may have to make when you decide it's best to hire a property manager to find a tenant, collect the rent, and all those other tasks one rarely thinks about until it's time to make the donuts.  Decisions you may... Correction.  You will have to make when hiring contractors, an architect, an engineer, etc.  Watch and be inspired by clicking here, or our property management picture to your left.


Yes, HomesRadio is Ernestine's own informative and entertaining video channel on YouTube.  It's how we share our interests and activities in real estate, but also one of the fun ways we reach out to you beyond this website, Facebook, Twitter, our blog, Linkedin, and those timely 'Hello from Ernestine' eblasts.  Some of the shows are about real estate, but others are conversations with professionals and other everyday people.

We simply want to talk to you, offer you opportunities to respond, and also encourage you to share our conversations with family and friends. Maybe you'll be inspired to come on or tell us about someone who inspires you.  So, you see HomesRadio is more than a website about buying, selling, and managing homes.

HomesRadio's Youtube Video Channel is just a two clicks of the ruby red hearts away.